Entry 1: New diary!

Today is the start of my new online journal.

Things are tough but I'll get through it all eventually.

Entry 2: Tough

Life is tough but I'm sure I'll get through this funk eventually.

Entry 3: Tougher

I wish someone would help me.

It's hard to move all this [soot? dirt? untranslatable].

Entry 4:

Do you love me?[inaudible]
I hope you love me. [inaudible] love you very much

Entry 5: Subarashiki Hibi

Subarashiki Hibi is my favorite visual novel.

I reread Zakuro's chapter all the time because she is my favorite character.

I wish I was pretty and soft like Zakuro.

I'll be reborn as a warrior too.

entry 6: it's hard

i wish i was dead.

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