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About Arjuna

Arjuna is an Archer class Servant from the Fate/ franchise. He's only ever appeared in FGO so far and in some flashbacks in Apocrypha too. He's from the very very long epic the Mahabharata (I'm trying to read it but it's very very very very very long). His alignment is Lawful Neutral, he is 177cm tall and 72kg. I'm shorter than him (I'm about 170cm)

People think he's scary, but he's actually shy and cute. He just pretends to be cool and intimidating to impress people. He doesn't like acting in front of others and it stresses him out. He thinks he's a bad person because of what he did to Karna but I don't think he is. Don't let his Materials description get to you! He won't kill you if you are nice to him and treat him like a friend and hear him out when he's stressed (probably). He really really hates Karna. God, does he hate that guy, but he is also secretly jealous of Karna for being more heroic than him. Arjuna is a mixed bag of surprises. Wow! What a great guy!

Arjuna's stats

Arjuna's a really friggin strong dude. I'm pretty sure if you summoned him in a Grail War, you would totally win. If I summoned him I would die 3 seconds in because of his mana consumption, but at least it was indirectly by his hand.

Strength: A (could kick you out of orbit)
Endurance: B (can handle tons of shit)
Agility: B (FAST)
Mana: B (pretty swaggy mana pool)
Luck: A++ (finds pennies on the ground every hour)
Noble Phantasms: EX (STRONG!!!)

Arjuna's skills

Arjuna has some awesome skills. They all do different things. In-game they have wicked effects too (except you, Clairvoyance).

Clairvoyance C+
His eyes go zoom zoom. I'm sure in like, other mediums he can do awesome sniper stuff with this skill, but in FGO it's just garbo. It's shit. It's poopoo.

Fortunate Hero A
This skill is weird. According to the Materials this is active all the time and gives Arjuna whatever he needs at the time, granted said thing he needs isn't blocked by a curse. So like, if you were playing Monopoly with him, and he's losing, suddenly Lakshmi pops outta nowhere and starts pouring money all over him. And he hates his life of being given everything, so like, he'd probably be sweating the whole time, and feel bad about it.

Mana Burst (Flame) A
He's able to use his super flames with his bow to shoot arrows that explode as fast as a rifle.

Gee wilickers.

Divinity B
He's a half-breed of 1 human mother (Kunti) and 1 god father (Indra), no cream skim milk sunny side up.

Independent Action A
This is a special feature of the Archer class. He can basically do whatever he wants. He can exist in the world without a Master for 2 days.

Magic Resistance C
Something something cannot resist High Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, I want to know how Nasu came up with all this stuff.

Arjuna's Noble Phantasms

If you don't know anything about Fate/ this is basically his cool weapons that make him Arjuna. If he reveals the true name of them their full powers are unleashed but it also puts him at risk of his identity being discovered because he has to say it out loud to do it just like every other Servant. Also you can't tell who you are in a Grail War because it'll reveal your weaknesses and show your opponent your hand.

Agni Gandiva, Howl of the Flame God
His super cool bow. It has a weird design with a designated shothole with a twirly part at the end. When the true name is revealed it gets all blue and glowy and flamey and it makes shit explode.

Pashupata, Raised Hand of the Destruction God
Technically, he shouldn't use it as willy nilly as he does in the game, because in the legend if he shoots it at the wrong person he will accidentally the whole world. But I guess in Nasuverse it's really toned down. It detects the Divinity level of surrounding enemies and if it passes the check they instantly die. So Anti-Heroes are actually not all that hurt by Pashupata. It's so he can't one-shot people weaker or less divine than him, I guess.

His quivers?
This isn't a real NP. But I think it could be, or it's just tied into his Awarded Hero skill. Basically the Mahabharata said that his quivers have infinite arrows in them.

Arjuna and Karna

I don't ship them together but I do wish they'd get along. But I understand if they can't. It's cool to see them interact whether they do or they don't.
Btw I don't have a Karna fanpage because my boyfriend really likes Karna and would interpret it as me stealing his man.

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